VONSCHWANENFFLÜGELPUPKE - VONSP was founded in 2011 by Eleonore von Schwanenflügel and Stephanie Pupke. The two designers love to design huge Carrés and to integrate them with outfits and create even whole looks with them.
Their affinity for exceptional printing on the highest quality materials has been shaped by their previous work at established high fashion brands. In 2005, Eleonore von Schwanenflügel and Stephanie Pupke met at WUNDERKIND beginning their career as design assistants. Afterwards, they worked as freelancers in France and Italy where they were encouraged to set up the project VONSP and could immediately benefit from a network allowing them to produce in Europe and sell worldwide. With the combination of special surfaces and the simplicity of concise forms, the designers convinced the jury of the Premium Young Designers Award of 2011 as well as the Start Your Fashion Business jurors in 2013. The VONSCHWANENFLÜGELPUPKE collection is available in stores such as LeBonmarché in Paris, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and HP France Exclusive in Tokyo.

Schwedter Strasse 34a
10435 Berlin